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Horizontal Therapy (Hako Med) in Honolulu, Hi

As the ONLY Hako Med clinic in Honolulu, we see patients looking for a natural solution to their peripheral neuropathy, arthritis pain, nerve pain, burning feet, numbness and tingling, muscle cramps, diabetic neuropathy, headaches, shoulder pain, knee pain, low back pain, neck pain, failed back surgery syndrome, balance problems, leg weakness/fatigue, sleeping trouble, and sports injuries, just to name a few.


If you’ve explored other healthcare solutions (such as surgery, medication, or regular chiropractic care) for your chronic degenerative health condition and haven’t seen any success, Dr. Jeremy Alosa at The Arthritis Laser Treatment Center is the pain doctor you need to see.


We look forward to treating difficult and unusual cases. Because we use unique techniques, we are often able to get results that no one else can.

Horizontal Therapy (Hako Med) in Honolulu, HI:

The answer to your pain is here; Horizontal Therapy (Hako Med).  This safe, effective, and patented treatment allows you relief from your pain derived from peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, burning feet, numbness and tingling, muscle cramps, diabetic neuropathy, headaches, and sports injuries. You get pain relief without the use of surgery or medications.

Honolulu Pain Management
Honolulu Pain Management

Using Electricity to End Your Pain

The Hako-Med has been cleared by the FDA for a number of indications, but unlike other electrical therapy devices used by physical therapists and chiropractors in the United States, this equipment has been engineered for the physician involved in clinical pain management and neuropathy.


The Hako-Med delivers electronic frequencies that can block the pain signal and heal nerves without painful needle injections or dangerous medications. 

The Hako-Med is our first line of defense when a patient comes into the clinic bent over and in severe pain. Usually after one 45 minute session they can walk upright and report 50-100% improvement!

If you're interested in our Hako Med technology and how it can help you with your pain management, please call our office and schedule an appointment.


We'd be happy to meet with you to see how we can help you: 808-596-4800.

Honolulu Pain Management

Revealing a new, safer and more effective arthritis treatment with no side effects.

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