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Honolulu Chiropractic Care for Your Trouble Sleeping

The benefits of sleep go far beyond waking up refreshed and alert, ready to take on a new day. Sleep has a major impact on your health and overall quality of life. Sleep is instrumental in a healthy immune system, and by regulating our ghrelin and leptin hormone levels; sleep also helps us control our appetites. Want to lose weight? Get some sleep!


Chiropractic care and our other alternative medicine therapies help alleviate discomfort and improve relaxation and blood flow in the body. 


As the pain decreases, you'll be able to sleep better at night.

Your Treatment Options

Our pain management clinic offers safe, non-invasive pain management treatments that create a healing response in our patients. We use the patented, proprietary, and proven Hako Med system and 25 Watt Laser (AKA cold laser therapy) to get relief for our patients.


If you’ve explored other healthcare solutions (such as surgery, medication, or regular chiropractic care) for your sleep troubles and haven’t seen any success, Dr. Jeremy Alosa at The Arthritis Laser Treatment Center is the pain doctor you need to see!


If you would like to make an appointment for your sleep troubles, please call our office to schedule: 808-596-4800.

-OR- book your appointment online.

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